Jojo Pilates and Wellbeing

Specialised in therapeutic Pilates and pain management. Helping people extend and maintain mobility and improve overall fitness.

Private and small Pilates classes in the Surrey Hills

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About Jojo

Alongside a lifetime love of movement, I have a background  in fitness, dance, theatre and vocal work. I have been on a quest for optimal health and wellbeing. I have developed a passion and gift for helping people take control and transform their bodies, restore natural movement and work through challenges and often pain.
Ultimately my goal is to help you to get strong and feel great and to maintain natural pain free movement, for a dynamic, happy and energetic life.
Through my knowledge and experience, I help my clients discover and understand the daily movements that may contribute to pain and discomfort. I then guide you to take control, transform, and strengthen your body and muscles, and learn to focus, breathe calmly, relax and move with freedom, precision and confidence.
I am a fully certified Body Control Pilates teacher, with over 20 years’ experience in the fitness Industry. I specialise in therapeutic Pilates. Classes are held at my home on The Common, in Cranleigh, in a modern bright and comfortable room.
You have the power to make changes for a long, happy, pain free and healthy life.


Private Classes

For a fully tailored experience, discover how to improve your posture and transform your body.  Learn how to use your core, build your strength and get maximum benefits and fast results.
£50 per session  £60 duet (Share with a friend)
Most importantly, it’s really fun, it’s a challenge and you will finish each session feeling invigorated, taller, stronger and looking fantastic! 

Pilates to Agewell

This Pilates class is for ages 60 and over. The Agewell class, gently exercises, stretches and strengthens you from top to toe. It is for ladies only.
We focus on improving and maintaining good balance, joint mobility, flexibility, bone density, strength and most importantly confidence.
Staying active develops your muscles, keeps you supple, independent and releases natural chemicals that reduce pain.
Through small simple exercises you can keep moving, active and enjoying life.

Pilates for Happy Backs

An effective exercise program for the prevention and management of low back pain.

Gentle classes to build confidence and get you moving again. In this class, we use very small movements and breath work to help you understand, manage and alleviate your back pain.
We identify movements and daily activities that trigger or aggravate your pain and help you to learn new movement patterns.
By staying active, building muscle strength, improving joint mobility and flexibility, you can help alleviate and prevent lower back pain, which makes you feel good and releases natural chemicals that further reduce the pain.
Together we create a strong core, natural girdle and corset of muscles to support and protect your back.
We all have good days and bad days that’s normal. Doctors and Therapists can help ease the pain but only you can get your body moving and you’re back going.

Dynamic Pilates

A fast paced, invigorating Mat based Pilates class.
Escape from your day to elongate and decompress your spine and free your mind from stress. Strengthen, tone and transform your muscles and your pelvic floor.
Using a unique combination of small weights, balls, magic circles, floor barre, Pilates and hypopressive pelvic floor breathing work, wake your body up and get moving.
6 sessions feel the difference
12 sessions you will see the difference
18 sessions you will have a whole new body and the skills to keep it.
Change the way you look, move and feel.


My classes are slightly more expensive than some, this is because I only teach small classes. 
I do not believe it is possible to give you the level of attention you require if there are too many people in a class.
Classes are £12.50 and must be pre booked in blocks of 5-7 sessions (depending on school term times). 
Privates sessions are between £50 and £60.


As I have two young children I only run classes in school term times.
I teach predominately private classes.
But I run small group classes mid mornings on  Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays lunchtimes. 
Private classes are flexible.


Classes are held at my home on The Common in Cranleigh, in a modern bright and comfortable room.

Free parking is available.

Qualifications and Experience

Sports Science at Chelsea Hortensia College     Dance Attic Studios Teaching and Presenting     YMCA Fitness training qualifications Exercise to music, Aqua, senior fitness, Pre and postnatal, circuits and many more     BodyControl Pilates Matwork and classical Mat Teacher     MK Pilates Matwork and Reformer     Taught extensively in leading clubs, around Nottinghill, Fulham, Chelsea and central London and for over 15 years at Hurlingham Club     Chelsea Football Club     The Chelsea Club     Ran and taught the senior fitness and Pilates program for the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Educated in Paris     Background in Dance     Theatre     Vocal Work     Trained at Hurtwood House School     Drama school ALRA The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts
My specialised areas of interest     Back Pain and Pelvic Floor issues     Diasasis Recti the separation, bulging or doming between the abdominal muscles     I specialise in 1:1 Pilates     Aqua, deep water resistance and water rehabilitation
Fully DBS checked, Insured and first aid qualified


If you have any questions or would like to enrol please contact me.

  07957 645 112